Oil changes are one of the most routine things drivers will get for their vehicle – more than any other service. Why is it important to get routine service, though? And what do oil changes do for your car?

We’ve gone more in depth about this on this page. Here are the basic answer to both of those questions, though:

  • dirty, sludgy oil creates friction and heat in your engine, which can irreparably harm it if it is not taken care of.
  • oil changes change out this dirty oil for fresh, clean oil, thus reducing that friction.
  • additionally, when you change your oil your fuel efficiency gets a boost!

If you have any questions about servicing your car, or about oil changes, you are always welcome to visit us at Larry H. Miller FIAT of Tucson, located in Tucson, AZ. Our team would be more than happy to help you schedule a test drive with your favorite car on our lot or assist you with service!

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