If you're looking for the cheapest oil change in Tucson, you're sacrificing quality and may harm your car in the long run. We've put together some facts on oil changes below to help you make an informed decision before you schedule your next oil change service.

So, why is it so important to get an oil change?

As one of your biggest investments, you want to take preventative measures with your car. One of the most important and least expensive services you can do is giving your car an oil change on a regular basis. Small maintenance such as regular oil changes make a big difference in the health of your car and save you money in the long run by preventing damages that could have been avoided. Cheap oil changes at places like Jiffy Lube or BrakeMax don't offer certified technicians protecting your investment as though it were their own vehicle. Doesn't your investment deserve better than that? With our 1 year pre-paid maintenance package, you'll end up paying about the same low price as BrakeMax or Jiffy Lube for a high-quality oil change that includes lube, oil, filter, car wash, tire rotation and a multi-point inspection!

Tell me, what does the oil actually do for my car?

There are really 3 main functions that oil does for your car.  

  1. It keeps all your engine components running smoothly.
  2. It prevents carbon and varnishes from building up in your engine.
  3. It helps keep heat away from your engine's combustion chamber.

Let our certified service technicians assist you with your next oil change to protect your engine and your investment.

Thank you for visiting our Oil Changes page at Larry H. Miller FIAT of Tucson. While we may not be able to offer you the cheapest oil change in Tucson, we can provide you with quality service in a timely manner from experienced professionals with the added value of tire rotations, multi-point inspections and car washes included.
We look forward to serving you.